Q: Will fire sprinklers ruin my home if they go off accidently?

A:   The chances that a sprinkler will accidentally discharge due to a manufacturing defect are extremely rare:  1 in 16


Q: When a fire occurs will every sprinkler in my home activate?

A:  By design, only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate.  In 90% of cases one sprinkler is sufficient to suppress a fire.

Q: Will burning toast trigger my sprinkler system?

A:  Fire sprinklers are activated by high temperatures, not by smoke.  Only a threatening fire can generate enough

heat to operate a sprinkler.

Q. How will the sprinklers look in my home?

A:  The sprinklers we use are unobtrusive and are concealed by a flat round cover plate which is flush to the ceiling.

Q. How does the system work in the event of a fire?

A:  During fire conditions, when the temperature around the sprinkler approaches its operating temperature, the

cover plate detaches, releasing the deflector.  Continued heating of the exposed sprinkler will activate the water

supply to extinguish or control the fire.